What exactly is
debt review

And how it can permanently change your life

An Intro to Debt Review

The short answer is debt review is designed for people who are struggling to make all of their debt payments. It focuses on lowering the amount you pay towards debt and afford your living expenses again.

When you enter debt review a debt counsellor like us negotiontes with your creditors(The people you own money to) to make payment arrangements to reduce your monthly payments to a more managable amount.

Debt Review is a mechanism created by the National Credit Act 34 of 2005, allowing over-indebted persons to rehabilitate, avoiding more severe processes like bankcruptcy.

How much can I save

Debt review can save you anywhere from 25% - 55% on your monthly payments.

The forumula for debt review savings is complex as it depends on multiple factors on a scaling weighted system.

At DS4U we have developed an informative calculator - that allows us to estimate your monthly savings from as minimal data as possible - the entire process takes 1-2 minutes and gives you a good idea of how much you can save per month.

Calculate My Savings

What is the process

The debt review process is pretty straight-forward, in most cases it flows as follows:
  1. Fill in an application form
  2. We inform creditors and the credit bureau that you applied for debt review
  3. We source Certificates of Balance from all your creditors
  4. We determine if you are over-indebted
  5. We arrange a restructured payment plan with all your creditos
  6. We provide you with a payment plan
  7. You pay the newly negoitated fees in a single payment
  8. We finalise your debt review process by getting a debt review court order
  9. Once all your debt obligations is fullfilled we provide you with a DC Certificate
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