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What exactly is
Debt Review?

Alot of South African's are over burdened with debt, debt review is a way for you to arrange a repayment plan with your lenders that allows you to pay a lower monthly fee in a structured way with a single payment.

A debt review company like DebtSolutions4You protects your assets, provides you with a consilidated debt repayment plan, and even in some cases offer decreased interest rates. When we place a customer under debt review, they are protected in terms of the National Credit Act. Lenders are not able to take legal action as long as you keep with your debt review schedule.

A simple 6 step process

We refined our process into a simple 6-step process that makes applying for debt review a breeze.

Explore our process


With you each step of the debt review process

Debt Assessment Icon

1 - Debt Assessment

A free no-obligation assessment that only takes a few minutes

Complete an online debt review assessment, this will allow us to understand your financial needs. It will outline your financial position with your monthly incomes, expenses and current credit.

Debt Review Proposal Icon

2 - Number Crunching

We do a full debt review analysis for free

Once we receive your debt review assessment, a registered DS4U debt counsellor processes your income, expenses and loan payments to check if you are eligible for debt review.

Debt Review Acceptance Icon

3 - Accept Proposal

We make an proposal that will fit your budget

Your registered debt counsellor will work through your detailed debt review plan with you, if you are satisfied with our proposal, you can proceed to accept the proposal.

Debt Review Court Order Icon

4 - Monthly Payments

You pay a single, reduced monthly payment

After finalising a payment plan with lowered interest rates, that you pay monthy to a national payment distribution agency which distrubutes your payment to your creditors.

Debt Review Monthly Payment Icon

5 - Finalisation

We file a court order that protects your assets

Debt review offers you protection by law under the National Credit Act meaning your vehicles, home and assets are protected. Our specialist attorney files your restructure in a court.

Debt Review Clearance Certificate Icon

6 - Completion

Complete your payments

You continue paying your monthly restructured payment, once you have paid off debt that is under review, we provide you with a clearance certificate, your credit is now restored and rehabilitated.

Why choose Debt Solutions 4 U

when applying for debt review

Personalised debt review proposals

Our management reviews each application before we send it to you to ensure you get the best interest rates and optimised payment plans.

Commited to your needs

We assist responsibly, treat our customers fairly and ensure that we maximise their debt rehabilitation efforts while they are under debt review with us.

Professional and Fast

Once you have submitted your online assessment, we check if you are eligible for debt review and provide you with a proposal within 24 hours.

NCR registered 
debt counsellors

Lower interest 
rates negoitiated

Reduced payments 
every month

Balanced budget 
to cover living expenses

Legal protection 
per the NCA legislation

Online Assessment 
is fast and easy

Nationwide Service 
in South Africa

Free Proposal 
that is obligation-free

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