Debt review is a legal option for South African citizen that are over-idebted and find themselves not able to meet their monthly commitments. In this knowledge base we explore what debt review is, what is its advantages and disadvantages, some guidelines if debt review is a good idea for you and how you can apply for debt review. If however you are unsure if it is a good fit for you - get in touch with Debt Solutions 4 U - we will do a obligation-free assessment and explain all the details to you.

What is debt review

When you apply for debt review a debt counsellor approaches your creditors and makes payment arrangements on your behalf, with the core goal of their engagement with creditors to lower your monthly payments to a more accessible amount. You then pay one lower monthly payment to a payment distribution agency - which will redistribute your funds to all your creditors. Debt review was developed by the NCR and is part of the National Credit Act 34 of 2005 and the National Credit Amendment Act 19 of 2014. The National Credit Act offers debt relief to over-indebted consumers through the debt review process. The national credit act requires that a creditor perform a full credit assessment before entering into a credit agreement with you, these regulations contain credit assessment criteria that they need to comply with. This is to ensure you have the financial means to pay the proposed credit instalments. However - these regulations are sometimes loosly interpreted by creditors and they put you in a situation of over-indebtness. Debt review is a solution to this exact situation.

Advantages of debt review

Debt review is a handy financial tool, while you are under debt review the following benefits are clear:
  • Instant protection against harrasing debt collectors
  • Creditors are not able to reposses assets as long as you keep paying your debt review installment
  • Lower monthly payments
  • Single payment per month
  • Lower interest rates
  • You will be paying less on debt and therefore have more money available to spend on living expenses and other luxuries

Disadvantages of debt review

While under debt review - the following effects are to your detriment:
  • You are not able to apply for more debt while under debt review
  • In some cases it can take longer to settle your debt
  • Your credit profile will be marked as under debt review while you are under debt review
  • You are bound to your debt review agreement and it can't be cancelled until you complete your entire debt review plan and settle all your debts
  • You still need to settle the agreed payment per month so that the national distribution agency can pay your creditors.

When is debt review a good idea

Debt review is a good idea for the following individuals:
  • You still earn a income on a monthly basis
  • You pay more than a R1500 per month towards debt
  • You are unable to meet your living expectations due to the impact debt payments are having on your financial situation
  • You don't have any judgements on your name
  • You are not blacklisted by any creditor
  • You want to save on debt payment on a monthly basis
  • You don't plan to purchase a house or vehicle under debt

When is debt review not a good idea

Debt review is not perfect for everyone - some individuals that are negatively impacted by applying for debt review are:
  • If you are blacklisted or there is a pending judgement against your name
  • You have lost your income and can't afford your debt anymore
  • You want to settle all your debt as soon as possible
  • You don't plan on paying your agreed fee on a monthly basis

How do I put myself in debt review

Applying for debt review is straight forward - reach out to a debt reviewer and start the process. At Debt Solutions 4 U we believe in making things easier - from our website you have a few options available to you:
  • Apply for debt review online - we will review your application and let you know if you are eligible
  • Fill in a contact form and we will phone you soon thereafter
  • Calculate your savings - you can then send this through to you so we can start the application process
Once you have applied for debt review - you would need to sign the provided Form 16 to become protected under debt review, until then you will not benefit from the protection. If you work closely with your debt counsellor the process should only take a few days.