Debt Counselling is the process that allows a person who is over-indebted to seek debt relief. With this debt relief brings the possibility for people to completely rehabilitate their debt portfolio, but at the same time maintain a decent standard of living.

The debt counselling process allows people to seek debt relief by way of reducing their monthly installments and protect themselves from black listings, loss of assets and unfair garnishee orders. When carried out correctly, the debt counselling process can open up a whole new world of possibilities for a person.

At Debt Solutions 4 U, we pride ourselves on our personal and efficient service. We prefer to build relationships with our clients rather than them becoming another number in the system. We focus on educating people as well as assisting people.

The benefits of debt counselling with Debt Solutions 4 U, among other things, include:

  1. Having a personal relationship with your Debt Counsellor
  2. Reducing your monthly instalments
  3. We negotiate the interest rates you currently pay to your creditors
  4. We help you create more take home pay for your household
  5. We help to avoid your loss of assets (House, Car, Possessions, etc…)
  6. We help stop legal action and avoid excessive legal fees and costs
  7. We lend a helping hand to you in all of your financial situations
  8. We reduce your stress levels

Debt Solutions 4 U perform free credit checks and financial assessments for anyone who contacts us.  There is nothing to lose, let us assess your financial situation and guide you toward a financially healthy lifestyle!

Stay tuned to our blog as we continue to educate and inform people about becoming financially healthy again.                   

Debt Solutions 4 u

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