Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Debt Counselling is a highly effective, closely managed solution for people with more serious debt problems. If you are struggling to make your monthly debt repayments and seeking out a living, debt counselling will assist in avoiding being blacklisted and reduce your monthly instalments to help you take control of your finances again.

Debt Counselling is not personal administration or bankruptcy. It is a formal debt rehabilitation programme specifically introduced by the National Credit Act to prevent individuals from being placed into personal administration and having to deal with the long term effects. The process allows you to enter into a debt repayment plan so that you can afford to live and emerge debt free after a period of time.

For you to be eligible for Debt Review a registered Debt Counsellor will need to review your finances to determine whether you are over-indebted. The legal determination of the term over-indebted as per the National Credit Act is “if taking all financial circumstances into consideration a client is deemed to be unable to repay their debts”.
You can apply by contacting us directly or filling out our confidential contact form for us to call you at a convenient time.

Unless you were blacklisted before going under debt review, you will not. Creditors will be notified of your review process and will not be able to blacklist you while all your payments are up to date.

With debt counselling, you only need to have a monthly income of some sort (ie: rental income). This does not necessarily mean that this income needs to come from employment.
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