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What is debt review?


The debt review process allows you to enter into a debt repayment plan so that you can afford to live and emerge debt free after a period of time.

It is a formal debt rehabilitation programme specifically introduced by the National Credit Act to protect over-indebted consumers.

Debt review is highly effective, closely managed solution for people with more serious debt problems. If you are struggling to make your monthly debt repayments and seeking out a living, debt counselling will assist in avoiding being blacklisted and reduce your monthly instalments to help you take control of your finances again.

While you are under debt review, you will not be able to expand your credit, you will no longer be elligible for new loans or credit facilities. 

How does debt review work? 


For you to be eligible for Debt Review a registered Debt Counsellor will need to review your finances to determine whether you are over-indebted.

The legal determination of the term over-indebted as per the National Credit Act is “if taking all financial circumstances into consideration a client is deemed to be unable to repay their debts”.

Unless you were blacklisted before going under debt review, you will not be blacklisted. Creditors will be notified of your review process and will not be able to blacklist you while all your payments are up to date.

You will require an active income to be able to apply for debt review. 

Debt review composes of a simple 3-step process: 

  1. Complete an assessment form, this will allow a debt counsellor to review your debt review eligibility based on your finances.
  2. If you are eligible, the debt counsellor will send you an application form that will allow them to start the debt review process.
  3. The debt counsellor then negotiates with your creditors to lower monthly repayments to a more affordable amount that suits you. This allows you to cover all your monthly living needs as well as your debts.

Your new monthly repayments will be made by you to the Payment Distribution Agency (known as a PDA – an NCR approved agency). The PDA is responsible for paying your instalments to the creditors directly.

Your debt counsellor will still be available on hand for any advice you require. The debt counsellor will also ensure your monthly repayments to the PDA are being met.

Once your debt is completely settled you will be supplied with your achieved clearance certificates.

The debt counsellor will then inform all credit bureaus to remove you from the debt review database and you will be free to apply for credit again.

How can DS4U assist with debt review?


DS4U makes applying for debt review a breeze, we offer the following facilities to get you started.

Apply Online
Apply for debt review online. Fill in our form and a registered debt counsellor will be in contact with you.

Let us call you
Simply provide us with your basic details, so that a registered debt counsellor can contact you to discuss how debt review can work for you.

Live chat wit us
Start a live chat with a registered debt counsellor, where you can discuss applying for debt review.

Calculate your Monthly Savings
Use our easy calculator to learn how much money you can save with debt review. 

Download an Assessment Form
Download and complete our assessment form, once you send it back to us, a registered debt counsellor will contact you to discuss your debt review option.

What are the Benefits of Debt Review?


Debt Solutions 4U is the industry leader for debt review in South Africa. Our comprehensive service is guaranteed to satisfy our customers. Our personal approach to service delivery means that each customer gets a solution that is customised to meet their needs.

Maximise disposable income
By minimising the amount you spend each month on debt you will have more disposable income available to you, to live the lifestyle you want.

Minimise debt repayments
Debt review allows you to lift the burden of being over indebted. By putting yourself under debt review you will be able to spend less on debt.

Restructured debt repayment
We will provide you with a restructured payment plan that allows you to maximise your financial position month to month. We not only reduce your debt instalments but also negotiate much lower interest and charges on the debt that you have.

Instant protection
Debt review will protect you from creditors, the protection that is offered by the National Credit Act ensures the best protection for your situation.


Why choose DS4U?


Finding a debt counsellor to partner with and confide in is key to your financial health and wealth.

Our promise to you is quite simple, you can count on us.

Accredited Counsellors
Debt Solutions 4U assists you in becoming debt free by getting a qualified debt counsellor in contact with you. All counsellors are NCR accredited.

Strict Confidentiality
All information supplied by you is kept strictly confidential. We do not disclose information to any other institute or third party.

We have built up strong relationships with credit providers over the years. To get you started with debt counselling a qualified debt counsellor will review your financial situation and make negotiations on your behalf to your creditors to establish reasonable repayments plans for you.

No obligations
The assessment is obligation free and you may decide whether you will go through the counselling process to become debt free or whether it is not an option for you.


Our management reviews each application before we send it to you to ensure you get the maximum out of our service.


We assist responsibly, treat our customers fairly and ensure that we maximise their gains with our service.


Once you have submitted your online application, we check if you are eligible for debt review and get back to you in 24 hours.