Our debt review process
and how it really works

The A-Z of Debt Review

Well Established Process

Debt Solutions 4U has done thousands of debt review application, our process is refined and easy to use.

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A Simple 6-Step Process

Finding a debt counsellor to partner with and confide in is key to your financial health and wealth. Our promise to you is quite simple, you can count on us.

Step 1

Complete the free, no obligation assessment form to have one of our professional counsellors contact you.

Step 2

Complete the debt counselling application form and provide us with the details of your credit providers and your financial status.

Step 3

We review your application to establish whether you are in fact over-indebted. This is a legal requirement for debt counselling.

Step 4

You will now have peace of mind that a debt counsellor is helping you toward being debt free, you can also now enjoy the protection of the debt counselling process.

Step 5

The debt counsellor then negotiates with your creditors to lower monthly repayments to a more affordable amount that suits you. This allows you to cover all your monthly living needs as well as your debts.

Step 6

Once the debt counsellor has completed their negotiations, the portfolio is sent to court to rubber stamp an order. Once this has been done you will have complete protection and your payment plan becomes an order of the court.

Additional Info

Your new monthly repayments will be made by you to the Payment Distribution Agency (known as a PDA – an NCR approved agency). The PDA is responsible for paying your instalments to the creditors directly.

Your debt counsellor will still be available on hand for any advice you require. The debt counsellor will also ensure your monthly repayments to the PDA are being met.

Once your debt is completely settled you will be supplied with your achieved clearance certificates.

The debt counsellor will then inform all credit bureaus to remove you from the debt review database and you will be free to apply for credit again.

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